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and White Flower in Belarus

Supporting the people of Belarus affected by Chernobyl

Our Babushka and Dedushka Christmas Project!

Sadly, we can no longer send Babushka/Dedushka shoeboxes to the elderly in Belarus for Christmas.

So, last year we trialled another way of getting Christmas gifts, given with love, to the people who really need them. This worked well and so we are adopting this as our Christmas Project. We would love you to join us.

the benefits...

As the money is spent in Belarus, this will support their local economy.

There are no transportation costs.

The elderly who love to receive a gift given with love at Christmas, will still be able to benefit. It is often the only gift they receive. The gift can be made personal to their needs.

Many who live alone enjoy the social visit from the volunteer so much that the visits continue throughout the year.

and this is how it works...

Choose a Christmas card (Christian cards are welcome) and write your personal message inside (in English is fine) and you can, if you wish, include a photograph of you and your family.

Enclose a cheque made out to The Belarus Fund to purchase the gift in Belarus. We suggest £10 but it is up to you. All of your donation will go to buy the gifts in Belarus.

Send your card plus cheque to the address detailed on the donations page by 30th November, please.

then what happens next?

In Belarus, we have a network of Christian volunteers who know their local community well. Your card and money will be given to them and they will buy a suitable gift or gifts for an elderly person in need. This will be delivered at Christmas to them, with your card and with love. These volunteers are trustworthy and accountable to the charity. They are known personally to the charity trustees who visit Belarus.

we are sorry...

You will not have the pleasure of putting the gift together yourself. You’re giving that pleasure to someone in Belarus.

As so few people get new shoes in Belarus, your gift will be given in a carrier bag, not a shoebox.

If you, or a group of you, would like to support someone in Belarus as part of this scheme, then please contact Alan Bridgewater.

Registered Charity No: 1116762

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