The Belarus Fund (Reg. Ch. 1116762)

and White Flower in Belarus

Supporting the people of Belarus affected by Chernobyl

Our little Masha!

We first met Masha at a summer camp in Belarus in 2003 when she arrived as a little 11 year old who had learned English and would chatter away. Her mum was very ill and soon after died. Her father left her to be brought up by her Babushka (grandmother).

When we returned to Belarus in 2006 we met her again, this time as a teenager. In the three years we hadn't seen Masha, Nicolai, our friend and co-worker in Belarus, had kept in touch with her.  Masha has become one of our friends and we see her each time we go to Belarus.

We have seen her grow up, complete her schooling and become a nurse which has been a great delight to us all. We still continue to support and encourage Masha as she now lives alone since the death of her Babushka (who was on the charity support scheme). 

Masha is a shining example of children than can face adversity and rise above all the challenges that sadness can bring; she is a credit to her Babushka and is a great help with translations.

Masha is now a beautiful young woman!

Registered Charity No: 1116762

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