The Belarus Fund (Reg. Ch. 1116762)

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Supporting the people of Belarus affected by Chernobyl

Current Projects/Info for Supporters

You will find details here about some of our projects and some of the companies who support our fantastic projects, including companies who support The Belarus Fund.


Lisa is a teenage girl that we have supported for quite a few years now. We take special low-protein foods over to Belarus as often as we can to ensure she has a continuous supply of items used for creating meals and snacks for Lisa.

We are very lucky that two companies donate these special foods for Lisa and have detailed them below. This can also give a better overview of the types of things she needs to remain healthy.

The Hertfordshire based company; Gluten Free Foods, have donated flour, egg replacer, cakes, crackers, biscuits and so much more, to Lisa, who suffers from PKU. This special food helps keep Lisa healthy and developing.

Also, a Stockport based company; Firstplay Dietary Foods, donates pasta, crisps, spreads, desserts and much more also for Lisa with PKU. These special foods are a lifeline for Lisa, and ensure she continues to remain healthy. The low-protein foods Lisa needs are not currently available in Belarus, so these donations are essential.

There are a few photos below of Lisa and her goodies, but more can be seen on the gallery pages.

We support lots of other small projects throughout Belarus and a couple more are detailed below and also through the further projects.

Click the projects link below for further information about some more of our projects, in more detail, and the support scheme link for details of some of it's current indivuduals/families being supported. You'll also find details about how YOU could make a regular contribution to a family on the support scheme in their time of need.

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