The Belarus Fund (Reg. Ch. 1116762)

and White Flower in Belarus

Supporting the people of Belarus affected by Chernobyl

Abandoned babies home

The charity supports a wonderful orphanage;  The abandoned Babies Home cares for children aged from birth to 4 years who are orphaned or cannot be cared for by their families. It is run by a dedicated team of staff headed by the director who is a very caring and gifted team leader.

It is always a real joy and privilege to visit this Home, the staff ensure that this is a happy place, and with limited resources, these abandoned and orphaned babies and toddlers receive much love and care.

It is wonderful to be able to buy treats for the children and more significantly help buy much needed materials and equipment. We always ask what they need. We never presume to know.

Even better news is the adoptions that we hear about on each of our visits. This just didn’t happen a few years ago but now parents are coming forward to adopt and the children are thriving even more in a family environment. This might be due to new regulations surrounding larger families; families with three or more, and five or more, children receive some improved benefits - such as reduced rate mortgages, free school meals and nursery places. The emphasis is also now on having bigger foster families rather than large institution based orphanages and care homes.

On each visit, we get to play in the gardens with the children, doing our best to communicate via baby talk or muddled Russ-lish (a random mix of rubbish Russian and perhaps, even poorer English!) It is such a pleasure to run around in the playrooms, stacking bricks as high as we can, again and again, and again, just to hear those belly laughs roar through our ears, to see the giant smiles we created by acting silly (and young again!) for a few minutes! It's always fabulous to see how much they have grown and flourished.

The wonderful staff provide the greatest of care and love for the children. They have created a nurturing and loving environment in which the children thrive. We visit each time we go to Belarus and are able to purchase new shoes and tights (even for the boys), indoor and outdoor play equipment and imported fruit (which is too expensive for the home's budget) It is always best to buy as much as can locally as this also benefits the local economy.

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